Offering group, private and infant swim lessons


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Sign-up Today »

Our Simple 1-2-3 Sign-up and Swim Process


Girl Calling


Contact us to schedule a time, place and instructor. We strive to be very flexible and accomodate your needs.



Reserve your spot with $60. Every penny of it goes to your lessons. You never pay a registration fee.



Show up, pay your remaining balance, jump in and start swimming!

Swimming Lessons Offered

Here is a list of some of the services that we offer to the Provo, Orem, and Springville area:

  • infant swim survival,
  • group lessons,
  • swim team training,
  • boy scout certification,
  • long distance swimming,
  • triathlon preparation,
  • and general exercise / weight loss.

You will be matched with a specialized team member to help reach your goals. We offer a variety of packages at a discount to fit your needs. Read more about our swim lessons.

Personalized Swim Lessons

We work with every skill level. Whether you're just beginning or preparing to swim the English Channel, we will develop a personalized swim plan to meet your goals. No matter what your ambition is, one-on-one instruction with our highly qualified swim coaches will help you succeed in the water. Find out more about the Provo Swim Academy Difference.

"It was a blessing to find Provo Swim Academy!"- Amanda Shields, Client